Haizhen Wang: Fashion Fringe Finalist

We have been following Haizhen Wang blog for Fashion Fringe. He’s been keeping us all up to date with whats been happening for him the days leading up to London Fashion Week. Having worked on his own label for two years now, Hazihen is hoping to gain a wider audience and platform for his label through his involvement with Fashion Fringe. Working on the Burberry Mentoring programme has given Haizhen the ‘opportunity to see how a brand likes Burberry works, from the inside, learning and growing to understand the tracks leading to its success’, and giving insight on how the departments are carried out, both internally and externally.



Haizhen has now moved to the LCF studios to continue his hard work through the summer. As the blog continues, Haizhen fills us in with all the updates in his life and what he is learning every day. From learning about DHL courier service to enable safe import and export to trying to synchronise with the ailments caused by London Olympics 2012, Haizhen is working towards bringing London Fashion Week a show worth remembering !


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